Donation to Alma d’Arte school

Tuesday, 9 October 2018.  The club went to Alma d’Arte, a Las Cruces charter high school, to donate $500 worth of paper, printer cartridges, pens, markers, etc. Here’s John Northcutt with the principal, Holly Schullo, and two students.We also set up a pancake breakfast and talked about a possible Key Club at the school. “Turned out to be a worthwhile morning’s effort” – Jim Pudlewski

Dinner for the Installation of New Officers

19 September 2018, Wednesday.  The whole club met with the Key Clubs and some clubs from cities afar, to install the newly elected officers.  We started at 6 PM, at Uno Pizzeria, 2012 Telshor Court.  Here are some highlights:

Social breakfast at Good Sam

31 August 2018, Friday All club members, guests, and anyone wanting to learn about what Kiwanis accomplishes are invited.  We meet at the Good Samaritan Village at 3011 Buena Vida Circle, a bit east of Telshor Blvd. near the hospital.  Entrance is through the double doors marked Social Center; we meet in the Oasis Room on the right-hand side a bit down the hall going south.  Breakfast begins at 7 AM and runs to 8 AM, so there’s time to get to work afterward.  If you’d like to buy your breakfast there the cost is $7.  Camaraderie is free.

Raft the Rio 2018- final 22 pictures

The last craft come in a bit over 2 hours from launching – but, hey, it’s not the time of arrival that counts; it’s the time spent on a fine morning on the river that counts.  One couple, long-time residents of the area, was heard to say that they hadn’t been aware of the event but are now aficianados!  Kiwanian John Northcutt offered that this is the 20th run, with only one break!  There were prizes by amusing categories – here are the winners of “most spirited team, kids.”

Raft the Rio 2018 – 4th set of 22 pictures

Final launches, and photographer Vince Gutschick jumps to the finish line (OK, drives).  Landing at the dock in a fast-flowing rivers proves tricky as participants hit, miss, bump, and, in one drama, lose an iPhone in the water (but the distraught young man found it, still working, 30 minutes later).  Kiwanians and other volunteers help people haul out, register their arrival, and warm up.